Boy with T-Rex

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This image started as yet a further attempt to bring some humans into my portfolio. I was thinking about trying to draw a little kid who is really into playing with his toy airplane. That got me thinking about what I would have done while playing with an airplane, and the most obvious thing to me would be to have it get eaten by a T-Rex! I loved dinosaurs as a kid (and I still do) and tried to incorporate them into all parts of my life:
Here I’ve refined his expression a bit more, and changed the way his nose is drawn. I added a finger to the hand holding the airplane, and changed the way the t-rex’s legs were positioned. I also experimented with adding fuel tanks to the wings of the plane, but decided against it. If you look closely, you can see where I’ve erased them:
Then I started trying to fix his sleeve, which was bothering me for some reason. I finally decided that the angle of the sleeve was wrong, so I redrew it. I also turned his face a bit more to the right, as if he was just looking at the T-Rex, and now he’s anticipating what will happen when the plane gets a little closer:

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