Pig in a Stroller

Pig in a stroller
My niece told me a story about being at the park and seeing a pig in a stroller. The image stuck with me and now, a couple of years, I finally got it on paper. The concept turned out to be difficult to express visually though, and as you can see it went through several revisions. Here is my first sketch:

There’s nothing wrong with this I guess, but I felt like it raised way more questions than it should…the pig in the stroller is just too unexpected and needs more context. I tried to draw a park around them as the background and setting:

This helped a lot, I thought, but I didn’t like something about it. I eventually decided that the bench looked crammed into the image and was awkward looking, so I redrew it so that it disappeared off the left side. I also added a tree because it felt park-like:

This all felt right, so I inked it, did my color comp, and then final watercolors. I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

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