Girl with Pinwheels

Pinwheel girl
A couple of years ago my brother and his family came and visited for a couple of weeks, and during that time his two daughters seemed to be in constant possession of pinwheels, and that is the inspiration for this painting. I thought about how much fun they would have had on a truly windy day, and then, how much more fun if you had two pinwheels! After that thought, the image came pretty easily. Here is my cleaned up sketch:

I envisioned this taking place in the fall, so I chose several warm and cool pastel colors for the sky and decided to paint the sky in bands of these colors to, hopefully, emphasize the idea that it is windy out. I think that it succeeds for the most part, but I do wonder if the sky is too busy. Overall, I think it works well, and it makes me feel happy when I see it.