Wheelbarrow rabbits

I was out running an errand one evening, and stopped at a traffic light near a very nice neighborhood, when I noticed a yard cart sitting on a lawn across from me, unattended, filled with yard clippings to the point they were spilling over the sides, and next to it was a rabbit nibbling on the overhanging greenery. The ingenuity of this enterprising rabbit made me chuckle, and my next thought was, “That would make a pretty neat illustration!” I initially drew the scene I had witnessed, with one rabbit and the yard cart, but later decided to make it into a family affair so it would be more visually interesting. I also changed the yard cart into a wheelbarrow because it is more iconic. Here is my sketch:

I inked this fine family on hot press watercolor paper using my brush pen, with the help of my light table desk:

I had recently painted a nice daytime scene, so I decided to set this painting in the evening, much like the actual encounter which inspired it. I think I probably went a little dark on the shed and trees, because the rabbits get a little lost, but it wasn’t a big enough deal to make me want to redo the whole thing. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well. I was particularly pleased with how the sky gradient from blue to pink turned out. Thanks for reading!